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Bali Climate:
The Balinese climate is warm and humid, with the rainy season lasting from November to the beginning of April (there may, however, be rainshowers in any month, especially in the hills.)The best months for travelling are April to October, but the rainy months also have a charm of their own. Even in the rainy season it almost never rains all day long but mostly only in the afternoon, and these warm, heavy tropical rainfalls can be very nice. The north coast tends to get the least rain, the hills the most. Bali has very soft, gentle, almost balsamic air and industrial pollution is almost absent.

Light cotton, viscose or silk clothes are most comfortable to wear in this warm climate (linen is usually too heavy).   Swimming attire or shorts or tops that do not cover the shoulders should not be worn outside the hotel areas. Sloppy or untidy clothing should also be avoided, because clothing is an indicator of social status and you will be treated much better if you are dressed cleanly and modestly.

The Best Time for Travelling: 
The peak season for Bali is the months of July, August, and September (this the main holiday season in Australia and New Zealand). The weather ist most dry in these months, and it is likely to rain very rarely. However, because the island is very crowded at this time, we would rather recommend coming in March, April or May, when the weather is almost just as nice, and there are less tourists. You will also get hotel and flight bargains for these times. An alternative time would be the month of September, October or November, which has similar advantages.


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